Back Hair Removal

Similar to chest hair removal, more and more men desire a hairless and sleek look for their backs. The major difference is that back hair is exceedingly hard to maintain oneself, unless you have elite shoulder flexibility. The process of back hair removal likely takes up not only your time, but someone else’s time as well. Scheduling waxing procedures can also add up cost-wise, and is generally associated with a bit of pain.

Fortunately, Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics provides effective laser hair removal treatment for back hair, and can help you meet your hairless aesthetic goals without constant maintenance, pain, or cost. The process for this permanent solution is a phone call away, so schedule a consultation with Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics if you are ready to create a plan for a hair-free back.


Laser hair removal utilizes concentrated beams of light targeted into hair follicles. The pigment within the hair follicles absorbs the light, which in turn damages follicles and destroys the hair, delaying the growth of new hair as well.

Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics utilizes an Elite IQ laser hair removal device. The device provides top-of-the-line technology that provides a custom laser hair removal solution based on a client’s unique skin and hair types.

Most patients do not experience any substantial pain with laser hair removal. Many equate the sensation to a tingling or a mild discomfort similar to the snapping of a rubber band.

When preparing for laser hair removal, it is important to refrain from plucking, waxing, or performing any other manual hair removal techniques within six weeks of the procedure. This is due to the fact that laser hair removal targets the root of the hairs, so they need to remain intact. You can, however, shave the hair. This allows you to maintain the area without damaging the root of the hair, as shaving does not affect the root.

Laser hair removal is most effective during the growth stage of the hair cycle. Since your treatment area hair will likely be in varied stages during the time of your treatment, it is necessary to undergo multiple treatments to make certain that all of the hair follicles are treated in the desired area.

For back hair removal, most men require 6 treatments.

As the back area is large in size, treatments take about an hour. Six to eight weeks is the recommended amount of time in between sessions.

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