Non-Toxic Beauty: Effective and Safe Treatments at Our Medical Spa

a group of women sitting on stairs

Welcome to Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics, where your journey to clean and effective beauty begins. Born from a passion for high-quality, non-toxic aesthetic care, we are a proud division of FoundationMED, tailored to elevate your natural beauty under the careful supervision of medical professionals. Here, every treatment is an act of self-care, meticulously designed to meet your unique needs and maintain the glow you deserve.

One aspect that sets us apart from many of our competitors is that we treat ALL skin types.  So you can be confident that our skilled professionals will know what is best for your skin.

If you have not already done so, I invite you to give us a try!  From our RL&A Signature Facial to hair removal to more advanced treatments like the Cosmelan Peel or RF Microneedling we here and ready to serve.