Age Spots & Sun Damage

Age Spots & Sun Damage Treatments in Raleigh

At Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics, we have treatments available that can minimize the appearance of age spots and sun damage, leading to more youthful, brighter, and vibrant skin.

Improved age spots on a woman

Excessive sun exposure often leads to age spots, brown spots, undesired freckles, and other physical blemishes that increase your perceived age.

Our Raleigh skincare experts have helped countless patients overcome issues caused by sun damage to revert the skin back to a more youthful appearance with our skin rejuvenation treatments.

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Age Spots & Sun Damage Treatment FAQ

Elite IQ laser system and Potenza radiofrequency microneedling are both available treatments for age spots and sun damage at Raleigh Laser & Aesthetics. Both are effective solutions, and your expert will determine which is right for you during an initial consultation.

Both methods of treatment for sun damage and age spots are mostly painless, with mild discomfort a natural reality. Topical numbing cream is often used as well to minimize any discomfort.

Treatments are generally less than 45 minutes. The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the issue, as well as a patient’s goals. Most individuals require between 3 and 5 treatments, scheduled at 4 to 6 weeks apart.

There is essentially zero downtime for skin rejuvenation treatment for sun damage and age spots. Redness and irritation last a few days at most, and you will need to take care to properly moisturize and soothe the treatment area. However, you can immediately partake in normal activity.

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